The Best Social Media to Help You Find Information


development of search technology in the modern era, especially the rapid development of the internet to find the information needed. All information as well as on education, industry, businesses and others can be found there. One of social media’s most often used to find information is Wikipedia. Wikipedia coined by Rick Gates in 1993, but the concept of web-based Wikipedia coined by Richard Stallman around 1999. Wikipedia was formally launched on January 15, 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger using the concept of a wiki pioneered by Ward Cunningham. Wikipedia is one of the social media commonly used by people around the world. With the Simple Internet users can find the information they need such as news, images, maps, and other information. Ease of access to Wikipedia can provide positive and negative effects for its users. Required an accuracy to use Wikipedia as a keyword is entered to search information affects the results obtained. In addition, users can also search Wikipedia information about culture, politics, economics, and social areas of a country through Wikipedia. Wikipedia is one of the most influential social media important in life, due to the Wikipedia user with a very easy to find information that is not limited to the area that includes the global system. As well as on google or yahoo, Wikipedia is helpful for users to obtain information contained in the protocol system so that users can access to a computer network that is done so that the user can perform data exchange. Unlike the previous times if you want to get the information need by reading books or through print media such as newspapers and magazines. But with Wikipedia we can immediately find the information needed to help trouble against a previously unknown information of course with the right keywords so that the information we are looking for will be found easily. Use wikipedia has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Excess use wikipedia wikipedia is more quickly accessed, the information in it is very complete, used social media is often used by students to find information, the information covers a whole, many direct link to understanding these terms. Not only that, Wikipedia allows users to change, add, or remove content that exist in the social media. Not only excess, wikipedia also has drawbacks, namely, sometimes the information is not in accordance with what is probably because we enter the keywords that are not clear, the lack of detailed conclusions, makes students lazy to read the book Because easy for students to search for information through social media, the less resources are known, addictive and disrupt the activities students real. Another shortcoming is the wikipedia, wikipedia also doesn’t provide any services to advertise on the social media site. To access these social media networks only require internet only and users can freely edit, add, modify either text, images, video, graphics, and a variety of other content available on wikipedia. Now, to access wikipedia does not have to use a computer but now also can use a phone cell. So sophisticated access wikipedia make enormous lead to the phenomenon of the flow of information not only in developed countries but also in Indonesia because of the speed of social media also started to replace the conventional role of the mass media in spreading news. With the sophistication of technology also makes the rich user information for a variety of information.

This all information about the best social media to help you find information that I can convey to you. I hope that information can be used to us.


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